Three Reasons Austworld Stands Out as a Manufacturer of Tempering Valves in Australia

Running water at the precise temperatures we need may be a "modern" convenience, but most individuals take it entirely for granted. For the lay person, their interaction with hot water systems usually starts and ends at the tap. Behind the scenes, though, plumbers know there is a host of equipment working in tandem to provide the functionality upon which we all rely. For hot water systems, tempering valves are an absolute necessity. As the objects that are responsible for mixing hot and cold water sources to the desired temperature, they provide a distinct and vital role in a system's successful operation. As a valve that will see heavy use over its lifetime, though, plumbers visiting supplies stores will want to see tempering valves from a manufacturer known for good products.

Austworld clears that bar with ease. Beginning in 1987, we have worked continuously to build a reputation as a wholesale supplier for plumbers and stores around Australia. With a rigorous approach to quality control, we were among the first wave to be granted the Watermark Certification. Stocking your shelves with products that will satisfy your clients and keep them coming back is important; we think so, too. Consider a few of the other reasons we are so well-positioned to become your source for tempering valves in Australia.


Pass on reliable tempering valves to your customers

First, we have a very well-developed base of experience within the fittings industry. Such experience allows us plenty of room to grow while also knowing the best way to meet many levels of need. Buyers have the benefit of knowing their manufacturer understands the real conditions in which these items must function.

Second, Austworld cultivates rich relationships with more than 500 individuals around the world to innovate and create advances in plumbing items. Our experience has taught us that there is never a time to rest — there is always room to grow. Plumbers acquiring supplies through your business want their jobs to be easier; we do, too.

Finally, we put a high value on customer service with our clients. Beginning with understanding what you need and when you need it, and continuing through to delivery, we always keep our clients in mind. Your success is our success. Our work for our customers reflects that.

A focus on long-term partnerships and success

For three decades, these reasons and many more have continued to propel us forward in the industry. Along the way, we've gained valuable insight into the needs of our clients and the end-users of these items. Seeing plumbers succeed with our products drives us to continue to innovate and to find new ways to offer better items at competitive price points. When you need a new shipment of trustworthy tempering valves right away, choose a manufacturer with a proven track record. With warranties available on many of our products, you can pass along peace of mind to your customers, too.

To learn more, we invite you to reach out to us via our online contact form.