Where to get the best wholesale deals on PTFE tape in Australia

PTFE tape is probably a plumber’s best friend. Plumbers always have a need to have a roll handy because it’s so useful for many applications. PTFE tapes can help provide lubrication that helps pipes fit together better. They can be used to temporarily seal a leak until the proper supplies arrived to fix the problem. Plumbers depend on having access to the best PTFE tape available, and they need to know that your store will be able to offer them that PTFE tape at a competitive price.

When you get your PTFE tape wholesale, it needs to be durable, dependable and reasonably priced. At Ausworld, our knowledgeable staff would help you find the best product available. You can rely on us for around the clock assistance, and if necessary, we can get you the materials that you need on short notice. We can also help make sure that your store has a constant stock of the products that professional plumbers use regularly.


Let Austworld supply you with the PTFE tape you need in Australia

Plumbers face constant pressures to get the job done “right away”. Their customers don’t like to hear the excuse “I don’t have it in stock”. That’s why it’s important to make your store a place that plumbers can count on have a vast stock of products they need at prices they can afford.

When you call us to find the products that your store needs, our dedicated staff can help you make great choices. We carry a wide variety of PTFE tapes, and we are also PTFE tape manufacturers as well. That means that you have a plethora of options to keep your store stocked. We won’t sell you anything that hasn’t been tested in our research facility to ensure its durability and quality. Austworld wants to be the place you turn for the stock you need to satisfy your customers’ needs.

A family-owned business

Austworld has been supplying plumbing stores with the product they need since 1987. As a 100% family-owned business we deeply understand the importance of impeccable customer service and quality products at a competitive price. We want your every experience with Austworld to be a good one.

We only carry the top products from the best manufacturers in Australia and around the globe. When you purchase your stock from us at wholesale, we want you to know that we stand behind everything that we sell. It’s also important for us to supply you with those quality products at a price that will make your store the go-to shop for plumbers everywhere in your region.

Whether it’s PTFE tape, brass fittings, valves, or any of the supplies that your customers need, we want to be the wholesaler you can count on to achieve your own individual goals. Austworld seeks to be the company that you come back to again and again to stock your store and a place you can call when you need special orders right away.