Deliver Gate Valves with Strength: Purchase Stock Directly from Austworld, a Leading Manufacturer for Australia

Managing flow is one of the most crucial parts of plumbing, from residential taps and baths to commercial-grade pipelines. Shutting off the flow of a fluid through a pipeline could be essential for conducting maintenance or halting an emergency. At other times, it could be a normal part of operations; perhaps a pipe doesn't need to remain open at all times. Whatever the reason, many valves accomplish this purpose. Gate valves are one such item, and tradespeople visiting supply stores like yours will expect to be able to find durable gate valves from a manufacturer that has produced an item with long-term viability.

At Austworld, we have built our reputation over the past 30 years on products your clients can trust for virtually any application. As one of the first companies in the nation to earn the Watermark Certification, our commitment to quality over the long term should be apparent in both our history and our catalogue. We are also always ready to help businesses like yours with questions you have about the items we provide for wholesale. Consider a few of the reasons why it is necessary to stock gate valves and how they stack up against other options.


Why stock both gate valves and ball valves?

A gate valve exists to do one thing: allow fluid to flow or to stop it altogether. Ball valves can allow for some variation regarding flow rate, but a gate is more like a binary "on/off" switch. Due to their mechanism of action, they can be more prone to breakage and deterioration over time. For applications in which you must regulate flow with frequency, you will want to suggest ball valves to your visiting customers.

In other cases, such as when the flow only needs to be cut off periodically, gate valves may be the better choice. As a manufacturer of these valves, we wanted to provide our clients with a product that would not break so easily. The results are visible in our product catalogue.; the Logi Valve gates function well and provide long-lasting performance. By designing to last rather than planning for the object's eventual failure, Austworld offers a different solution to suppliers in need.

Let us explore opportunities for our businesses together

Plumbers understand the items that will work best for any particular job, whether they're gate or ball valves — or even another solution altogether. What these tradespeople find most important is quality, affordability, and reliability. By offering these products to your clients, you can continue to capture repeat business. With the in-depth manufacturer quality control efforts to maintain a high level of uniformity from batch to batch, you can trust us as a long-term source.

Our nationwide distribution network makes it simple to despatch an order of gate valves across Australia to waiting clients. Visit our contact page to send us your initial enquiry. We look forward to hearing from your business.