When your store needs the best wholesale brass fittings manufacturer in Australia

When plumbers come into your store, they are looking for the best available products at the best price. Plumbers have important jobs, and they need to buy supplies from a store they can trust. If you want to keep them coming back, you need to be able to satisfy their needs for quality products at a reasonable price. One that also allows you to make a profit. That’s why you need to get your store’s plumbing supplies from Austworld.

Austworld has the best deals on brass fittings for use in the home or industrial settings. You can purchase our brass fittings at wholesale in a wide range of sizes, shapes and widths. We understand how important it is to fill the orders for the professionals who visit your store as quickly as possible. Since they are often dealing with emergencies or jobs that require a quick turnaround you want to know that you will have the brass fittings they need when they walk in the door.


Austworld is also a top brass fittings manufacturer

The plumbing industry is always changing and innovating, and professional plumbers are always looking for the newest products available that can help them do their job quickly, efficiently, and competitively. It’s important that you can offer them any new product available especially when you’re talking about brass fittings. If your store is constantly innovating as well, you can be sure that plumbers will be beating a path to your door. Count on Austworld to supply you with the materials they need.

Our products are reasonably priced. You can purchase brass fittings wholesale at a cost that you will like and that will enable you to sell those same fittings at a reasonable price to your customers. At Austworld we understand how important it is for plumbing supply stores to have a stock of materials that professional plumbers need to finish the job. Their customers count on them, and we want them to be able to rely on you.

Make Austworld your first choice for product for your plumbing supply store

Austworld is one of the busiest suppliers of plumbing goods to stores in Australia and around the world. We are a 100% family-owned company, and we know that customer service and reasonable prices are what gives us the edge and keep our clients coming back. We rely on our team of engineers to test every product we sell and make sure it’s up to the standards we expect. That includes anything we manufacture ourselves. It’s why we can say that the plumbing supplies we offer are the best in the industry.

We have stores across Australia: Sydney, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth, and the goal of providing you with the stock you need a reasonable price drives us. Our dedicated staff of pros are always there to help you make the right choices for your store. That’s why it makes sense to buy the stock you need from Ausworld.