The Importance of PTFE Tape in Australia and Why You Should Choose Wholesale Manufacturer Austworld As Your Supplier

For plumbers across Australia, having quality PTFE tape is as important as having one’s mobile phone, keys, and wallet. A plumber without PTFE tape is like a doctor without bandages. As a plumbing store, it is crucial that you have quality plumber’s tape on hand at all times. Austworld, a leading wholesale supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of plumbing supplies, can ensure that you do.

With three decades in the industry, we understand the importance of quality. Whether it is tape, fittings, or valves; we believe that our ability to provide outstanding quality products and superior service is why we have become one of the leading plumbing suppliers in Australia. Plumbing stores around the country must have a constant supply of quality plumber’s tape on hand. The tape, of course, allows for a deeper seating of pipe thread preventing seizing when being unscrewed and helping to seal without hardening. Pressurised water and central heating systems are two areas where plumbers use plenty of tape. We can ensure that you have it at all times.


Find the Best in PTFE Tape in Australia

Providing plumbing supplies to local tradespeople can be a difficult job at times. What makes your job easier is a supplier that can provide outstanding products and do so quickly and consistently. In addition to being a manufacturer of our own products, we also provide stores like yours access to some of the best brand names in the world. Your store can supply area plumbers with a broad range of PTFE tape from manufacturer Titaseal®. The brand is well-respected in the plumbing industry because of the quality of its products. Using Titaseal® products ensures that a job is done right the first time. Giving plumbing stores and suppliers access to high quality products at competitive prices is part of our ongoing mission.

Stock Up on Other Plumbing Supplies

In addition to PTFE tape at wholesale prices, plumbing stores can find the most extensive range of products including bottle traps, press fit valves, and much more at Austworld. We supply products from some of the top manufacturers in Australia and the world such as Metforge Brassware, QuikPex Water, and Titaflex to name a few. We provide all our clients with professional service backed by over 50 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry. It is our goal to provide the industry’s best products at wholesale prices so that our customers can reach their goals and stay within their budgets.

Along with leading brand name plumbing supplies, we are also a leading manufacturer of such products. We have long been focused on innovation, cost savings, and quality. Austworld has over 500 people throughout the world developing new products. Each product undergoes thorough testing and quality controls. The bottom line is that you can be confident when you purchase from Austworld, that you are getting outstanding quality products. You can also be confident knowing our products will get to your stores quickly. We have distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Adelaide to ensure that customers get what they need as fast as possible.