Become the Go-To Supplier of Press Fit Valves in Australia, Partner with Manufacturer Austworld

Press fit valves are frequently used by plumbers throughout Australia. With the number of homeowners who have sprinkler systems on the rise, the use of these types of valves has increased as well. A press fit valve provides a quick and easy connection in most plumbing systems. Now, your plumbing store can have access to outstanding quality press fit valves from manufacturer and supplier, Austworld.

What Is Austworld?

Since 1987, Austworld has been serving the plumbing industry with an extensive range of some of the finest quality parts in the business. Plumbing stores searching for a reliable supplier can count on us to deliver. Our company’s mission is to provide the best products and service to help our clients achieve their goals. Adhering to our mission statement, we have continued to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of plumbing products throughout Australia. Regardless of where your store is located, we can supply you with quality press fit valves and more with distribution hubs in Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney.


Why Choose Austworld for Press Fit Valves in Australia

The average plumber in Australia will be in need of quality press fit valves on a weekly, if not daily, basis. By partnering with us, your operation can become the leading supplier of these products and more. All our plumbing supplies are put through strict in-house testing. Our quality control program ensures that stores like yours receive the absolute best in plumbing supplies. We have always been a manufacturer dedicated to quality. In fact, we were one of the very first to receive the Watermark certification. You can be confident knowing you are receiving the best in quality from Austworld.

The average homeowner in Australia does not want to wait any longer than necessary to fix a plumbing issue. Plumbers lose business when they have to wait days to receive a product that is on order. Plumbing stores lose business when they repeatedly cannot provide the items that tradesmen need. Austworld helps clients achieve their goals – happy customers – by ensuring fully stocked shops. We make ordering plumbing supplies simple by using online technology that makes it more convenient for everyone. Plus, we know that speed is of the essence. We ships quickly from our distribution centres around the country to ensure that clients have the items they need.

Continuing to Develop New Cost-Effective Products

Austworld is a leading press fit valves manufacturer as well as a supplier, and we continue to improve upon our existing products and develop new ones. We are lucky to have over 500 people throughout the world developing new innovative plumbing supplies that are both cost effective and of superior quality. We aim to have the widest range of products at competitive prices that plumbing stores can quickly order using our online ordering system. If you are looking to become a go-to plumbing supplier in your area, partner with Austworld. You can set up your own account on our website or for more assistance call us on 1 300 780 430 or fill out the contact form here on our site.