A Wholesale Duct Tape Supplier and Manufacturer in Australia You Can Trust

Duct tape has a variety of uses in and outside the plumbing world. As a duct tape supplier we have several suggestions regarding how plumbers can use this sturdy and durable product.

Primarily, duct tape can be used as a temporary solution to a leaky pipe. The plumber should wrap the tape tightly around a pipe to prevent excess spillage of water. After enclosing the pipe, turn the water off and start repairs. When repairs are finished, wrap the pipe again and turn the water back on; the second wrap is to ensure there is no leakage. Additionally, duct tape can be used to mark off a work area. Plumbers can line installation or repair zones for easy identification. Other applications include taping items to their intended installation area to get a better visual of how the final result will look.

If your clients have questions about how to make the most of duct tape in the plumbing world, feel free to consult with us. As a quality manufacturer, we have many ideas how to use these products for plumbing jobs. We are a reliable duct tape supplier in Australia.

Multi-Coloured and Patterned Duct Tape Supplier in Australia for Improved Accuracy

We are a duct tape manufacturer with a broad range of styles and colours available. The standard colour for this tape is grey, but we also carry blue, red, black, orange, and pink. Our range also includes options with patterns such as chevrons, roses, and more printed on the exterior of the tape. Multiple colours and different patterns on the tape help plumbers with planning. They can put pieces of matching tape in different areas, and with one look know what needs to be done in that area.

For example, if a plumber is involved in constructing a home, they want to be sure they perform their work accurately, meaning the right spigots end up in the right place. By placing matching tape on the pieces slated for installation and their corresponding installation area, the plumber can minimise mistakes and work more efficiently.

When you order wholesale duct tape from us, you have the option to mix and match the colours and styles contained in your order. Our flexibility makes it easy for you to choose and order the exact products you want due to your customer demand.

If you want a specific design or colour that you do not see offered in our catalogue, let us know. As a duct tape manufacturer, we have the ability to create custom designs and colours to tempt your clients. We aim to be the only duct tape supplier in Australia you will ever need.

Fast Shipping

When your clients need duct tape, they do not have much time to waste, which is why you need a supplier that can keep up with demand. Once we receive your order, we set to work filling it because we understand the importance of a quick turnaround. You need your product as soon as possible because your clients will not wait long and will eventually go somewhere else to find what they need.

Our wholesale duct tape orders help you avoid such unwanted circumstances through expedited packing and shipping procedures. When you need a duct tape supplier you can rely on, place an order with Austworld right away. We work hard to ship your order to you as fast as possible.