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High-quality wholesale ball valves in Australia

From full-scale plumbing companies providing end-to-end emergency plumbing solutions to hardware store owners across Australia, Austworld is here to offer the highest quality ball valves you can buy in bulk without breaking the bank. 


Why choose Austworld for your wholesale ball valves

Since 1984, Austworld has been providing wholesale plumbing solutions across Australia, making us the go-to supplier for all things plumbing. Here’s what makes our wholesale ball valves reliable tools for plumbing installations and emergency plumbing repairs:

  • WaterMark certified - Each of the ball valves we carry is stamped with WaterMark, which guarantees they meet and comply with the standards set by the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA). This ensures our wholesale ball valves are durable, in optimal shape and safe for all plumbing installations.
  • 3D printed and designed - As Australia's leading manufacturer of plumbing fittings, Austworld is committed to utilising innovative technologies such as 3D printing to create premium-grade wholesale ball valves. This is reflected in our scale of brands, each representing an industry-specific niche.


Partner up with Australia's #1 supplier of wholesale ball valves

Whether you need a fresh supply of ball valves with butterfly handles or a new batch with plugs, you can find what you're looking for in our range of top-of-the-line fittings. Our products are carefully designed, engineered and manufactured to suit various plumbing installation needs, so check out our wholesale ball valves today to discover high-quality solutions at affordable prices.




What types of handles are available for Austworld's ball valves?

At Austworld, our wholesale ball valves come in a range of handles. From traditional levers for straightforward on and off control to ergonomic butterfly handles offering compact space efficiency, we have everything you need.


Are there colour options for Austworld's ball valve handle?

Austworld offers lever and butterfly handles in four primary colours: red, black, green and lilac. These versatile shades make it easy for us to know what style or type you need during inspections.