Reaching New Heights

Date: 13-08-2020

Now select an Autoflo touch-free sensor tap for above vanity mounted basins.

Autoflo has extended their range of sensor taps to support basins installed above the vanity. The Autoflo Pillar Taps have the option of being supplied with an extension to raise the height of the tap. This is particularly useful for non-wall mounted above vanity basin installations, creating adequate clearance for the sensor above the rim of the basin.

Pillar style sensor taps are available in battery and mains powered versions, suitable for a multitude of applications from commercial public facilities to private commercial bathrooms, with single or multi-tap installations.

Good hand hygiene is recognised worldwide as one of the best ways to minimise the spread of infection. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the importance of handwashing and proper technique has been one of the main messages spread across the globe. The thorough, 20-second wash is now a ubiquitous recommendation from governments worldwide as they look to further contain the pandemic.

Expand your Autoflo range today, and contact your Austworld state representative for details. With fast shipping and nationwide coverage, your customers will see value in this hygiene focused plumbing solution.