Flexible Hose Range Expanding

Date: 03-08-2020

For connections between an isolation stop and a tap, there is the flexible solution from the Austworld Titaflex hose range.

The first braided stainless-steel flexible hoses came onto the Australian market as far back as 25 years ago and there are now approximately seven million flexible connectors sold annually in Australia.

The Austworld PEX selection uses Cross-Linked Polyethylene, a plastic tubing that has become one of the most familiar piping materials in the plumbing industry. This PEX piping is supported by braided layers of stainless steel designed to prevent the tube from further expansion.

In new single-family residential construction, it is PEX plumbing that has the highest market share, outselling both copper and CPVC. In multi-family and commercial applications, the use of PEX is increasing rapidly.

The choice in flexible hoses is an important one, and why the durability and strength of PEX has led to its success. According to research conducted by general insurer IAG, flexible braided hoses accounted for 22% of water damage claims in Australian households in 2016 with braids becoming compromised by small amounts of water building up over time and corroding the material.

To mitigate failure rates, plumbers should always look for quality and products from a reputable dealer. Following industry standards, Austworld manufacturing includes push and pull-out, burst, and standard pressure testing. This ensures their eligible products reach Watermark Standard. The Austworld range of PEX products has been rated up to 90 degrees and 1600KPA.

Confident in their durability and reputation in the market, Austworld have also extended their 10-year warranty to 15 years on select PEX lines. In addition, 15mm hoses now have the option of an elbow joint for increased versatility.

Complimenting their current selection, Austworld also announce 32mm and 40mm EPDM hoses to the Titaflex product line-up. With a variety of lengths added to all diameters, distributers can now be confident Austworld can streamline logistics and operations by becoming their primary wholesaler.

Austworld is proud to be the Australian owned, family operated business consumers trust.

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