Let Austworld be your shower grate supplier and manufacturer in Australia


Plumbers will tell you that people get particular about their showers. It’s important that they work well, and when they don’t, professional plumbers are the first people who hear about it. That’s why it’s important that when plumbers walk into your store that you have the supplies for showers that they need, supplies such as nozzles and shower grates. That’s especially true with modern shower designs whose grates are often built right into the floor of the shower itself. Replacing them can be a real task if you don’t have the right supplies available.

When your customers are looking for a full range of shower grates for their clients, turn to Austworld to be your shower grate suppliers. When you pick Austworld as the shower grate supplier for your store you’re choosing to buy quality material at a reasonable price. Austworld cares about making you happy so you can make the plumbers who rely on you happy.


Austworld is also a top shower grate manufacturer

We offer quality products from known manufacturers from across Australia. We also manufacture our own shower grates. Whichever product you choose to supply in your store, you can count on the fact that they have all received thorough testing for quality and durability in Austworld’s research facility. It’s important to us that everything you buy from us at wholesale is dependable and well-made.

The plumbing industry is a constantly evolving one. Changes in technology lead to innovations and new products. It’s important for the professional plumber to stay on top of those changes. New and different uses of shower grates is just one example.

Whether it’s for use in individual homes, or in a setting like an office or gymnasium shower facility where a more practical shower grate is needed, plumbers need to be able to count on your store for the shower grate supplies they need on the job.

Ausworld wants to help you expand your business

When your customers walk into your store, they need to know that you are selling them the best product available at the best price possible. It’s one of the most important factors for us here at Austworld. If they visit your store and don’t find what they want, they won’t come back. Professional plumbers know the importance of speed and reliability. You need to work with a wholesale manufacturer who helps keep your store stocked with the products plumbers need, and a manufacturer you can count on to get you supplies in short order.

As a family-owned business ourselves we are more than aware of the need to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the products we sell them. It’s the same guarantee your customers expect from you. As one of the busiest shower grate supplier in Australia, Austworld will go the extra mile to make sure you want to come back to us again. Give our office a call, and speak to one of our professionals about how we can help your business.