Supply Your Store with Ball Valves by Austworld, a Leading Manufacturer for Australia

Without valves, plumbing as we know it would be practically impossible. From regulating pressure to directing or even stopping flow altogether, using the correct valve for a given application is of the utmost importance—this is true whether a plumber is undertaking a repair or is in the process of building a new system from scratch. Providing these skilled tradesmen with the equipment necessary to perform their jobs requires a source for parts such as ball valves that is both consistent and concerned with reliability. The failure of a valve can create a difficult repair, and plumbers across Australia want to have confidence in the hardware they install.

Is your supply business currently looking to improve your procurement efforts? You have an option to purchase ball valves and more from a manufacturer directly at wholesale prices. At Austworld, we provide access to our extensive developments across product lines such as Logi Valve and Logi Civil. This product diversity allows businesses to easily supply residential plumbers while also keeping items in stock for those working on larger, more demanding civil projects. Consider a few of the ways Austworld goes a step further to provide our business partners with supply lines of trustworthy products such as ball valves.

The importance of a quality ball valves

Where "standard" ball valves might just meet the quality standards and engineering tolerances dictated by the law, Austworld does more. The designers and engineers we work with are always looking for ways to innovate. Our products exceed standards because we know that is the dependability that every plumber hopes for when they make a purchase. It means a happier client, which in turn means more business for tradespeople. We are always looking for new partnerships, building bridges globally to create access to top shelf products for markets in Australia without the accompanying high price points.

Logi Civil valves, for instance, perform admirably under the strenuous conditions they often encounter in taxing building applications. By making such products available to your consumers, you create opportunities for more sales down the line. Develop a reputation as the supplier in your area plumbers can trust to always have vital parts in stock from their newly preferred brands.

Build a professional relationship with a manufacturer

They may be only one small part of an overall system, but ball valves around Australia do their job so well each day that millions of people can afford to pay them no mind. At Austworld, however, we emphasise the importance of continually refining products and developing new ones. Our extensive catalogue includes not only ball valves but also many other crucial plumbing supplies, in bulk and at competitive wholesale prices. Partner with a supplier that understands your industry and the demands of your customer base. Let us work together to assist your business in sourcing the products it needs from a reputable manufacturer. Complete our contact form, or call us on 1300 780 430.