Reliable and Affordable Wholesale Faucet Supplier and Manufacturer in Australia

Plumbing supplies are always in demand, and if you are a plumbing supply vendor, then you know this better than most people. When it comes to wholesale faucet sellers, you have many options to choose from, but Austworld is one of your best choices. We carry a broad range of faucets that are suitable for residential as well as commercial buildings. Your clients will appreciate your extensive inventory when you choose us as your faucet supplier in Australia.

Stocking a variety of faucets is essential to the success of your plumbing supply store as they are a commonly used product. Another key is to stock a variety of spigots to provide your clients with considerable selection of choices so they can easily find the pieces that are right for the job.

We are a faucet manufacturer, and all our products are built to last and add a sense of style to any location. Our Whitehall sink sets come in a variety of styles, including a standard Hob sink set as well as a curved outlet version. Mounted bench style into your sink area, a Hob sink juts up from the back of the basin and is suitable for smaller kitchens sink areas without walls behind them.

We also carry wall mounted Hob sinks. The tap is fitted in the backsplash area. These styles of tap make for easier cleaning around the sink area but are limited in their placement. You must have water access in the wall where you want to mount the tap.


Skilled Faucet Manufacturer

Plumbing supply stores know that the plumbing industry is booming, making it necessary always to have a high level of inventory on-hand. To keep your faucet range full and diverse, you need a faucet supplier you can trust.

Austworld takes extreme care with every wholesale faucet we craft because we know that your clients expect quality goods at competitive prices and we promise both. We design each piece in-house and in a variety of styles. Our goal is to offer as many options as possible to assist you in serving your clients. The more options you have for your customers, the more likely they will be able to find the tap they have been seeking.

In addition to kitchenware, we are also a manufacturer of faucets for bathroom sinks and showers, as well as outside hose hook ups. When you peruse our catalogue, you are sure to find every faucet your customers could ever need. We are a full service and comprehensive faucet supplier.

A Variety of Styles at a Great Value

When you contact a faucet supplier in Australia, you want to feel confident that they are knowledgeable and will provide your plumbing supply store with quality products at reasonable rates.

Your clients have customers of their own who know what they have in mind when it comes to the aesthetic of their residence or commercial building. Our wholesale faucet selection includes modern style spigots with single dials for ease of use. Simply turn the dial to regulate the water temperature.

We also carry double handle options, one cold water-, and one hot water dial. These types of installations are suitable for bath tubs and allow for more accurate mixing of cold and hot water. We also sell fixed and swivel faucets. Swivel faucets are perfect for double basins because you can fill one basin with warm water and soap, and use the other basin to rinse your dishes, and all you have to do is swivel the spigot.

When you need a faucet supplier in Australia, be sure to call Austworld. We manufacture and sell only the highest quality faucets.